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Business English Writing Course

Do you use English at work? Would you like to communicate in a clear, customer-friendly style? Then Business English Writing Course is the course for you. By the end of this course you will be able to write English business texts that match the level you wish to achieve. Your personal language coach will guide you through the process, providing feedback and practical writing tips, and she will also answer any questions you may have. Your coach is a qualified English teacher with years of experience. This course is completely in English.

This is what your learn

  • the correct use of tenses, word order, linking words etc.
  • sentence structure and the use of punctuation
  • the difference between formal and informal language
  • to write concise texts
  • opening and closing sentences
  • to write good paragraphs
  • to write cohesive texts
  • to write different types of text

Would you like to work on your own texts and receive feedback from your language coach? No problem. Your language coach will happily provide feedback on any piece of your writing you would like to submit.

Before you start the course you can do a test to determine your level. This provides both you and your language coach with valuable insight into what you do well and where the gaps in your knowledge are. If necessary you can also brush up on your English spelling and grammar. For example, word order, tenses and linking words.

You are in control

You work on the course at a time and place that suits you best. With the guidance of your language coach, you will train your English writing skills step by step.

What does your language coach do?

Your language coach monitors your progress. She will provide you with specific feedback and language tips at set times during your course. Your coach can help you with topics you find more difficult and of course you can ask your coach questions at any time.

This is what you achieve

At the end of the course you will be able to apply the correct grammatical rules in an English letter, email or other text. You also learned to adjust your word choice and tone to suit your purpose and your reader. You can formulate your sentences short and concise and you know the difference between formal, informal and standard language.

Entry level

The starting level for the course is A2. The final level is B2+.

Study load

You spend an average of 24 hours on the course. At the start, the language coach makes a proposal for a personal planning, for example for a period of 12 weeks. This means that you will work on the course approximately 2 hours per week. If you want to spend more or less time on the course, there is room for that. The course can take a maximum of six months.


Once you submit the final assignment to complete the course you will receive a certificate.


If you would like to read everything through at your leisure, download the free brochure.


Download the free brochure.

Business English Writing Course

  • € 975 all-in
  • flexible planning
  • individual coaching
  • personal language coach
  • Braint Academy is NRTO-certified


The course costs € 975 all-in. Braint Academy BV is an educational institution and is VAT exempt. You can request an invoice or pay directly online using iDeal. If your employer is paying, then please let us know and we can adjust the invoice.


You decide when to start.

Not what you are looking for?

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Braint Academy has more than 15 years of experience in developing and providing online language courses with individual coaching. As a preferred supplier, Braint Academy trains the staff of KPN, Rabobank, KLM and ABN AMRO.

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"I really enjoyed the course. Content and speed suited me well and the feedback was very constructive. I give a 9 for this training."

Hans Westenbrink - Rabobank